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Night Cooling & Mixed Mode Ventilation

Energy Efficiency, Carbon & Climate Impact

Solar and renewable energy systems designer of 30 years experience.
Accredited national solar designer through CEC (Clean Energy Council).

ESD principles for environmentally sustainable design.
Carbon accounting, carbon offsets, climate impact.
Greenstar CBD and NABERS energy rating and Code compliance advice.
Engineering & Policy Advice on feed-in tariffs, rebates, support programs, and RECs.
Solar, wind & renewable energy, green energy and green power options.
Energy efficiency, energy management, energy and waste audits (pre- and post-occupancy).

Building Engineering Services

Professional building services design experience of 36 years

Natural comfort & healthy buildings using cutting edge techniques
Conventional energy-efficient services design.
Active & passive natural ventilation, solar heating, natural cooling and Smart Vent.
Battery backed grid-connect solar PV and wind power.
Ground-source geothermal heating & cooling; landfill gas utilisation.

Solar Wind & Diesel Power Systems

Grid Connect & Grid-Battery Systems
Independent Power complete solutions for for Remote Sites
Renewables with synchronised multi-diesel installations
Independent Power Stations - Solar, wind & other renewable power.
Independent Power Stations Renewable-diesel hybrid power.
SCADA and remote management & remote data acquisition via satellite, net or cell phones

Project Management & Delivery Remote Power & Energy

Remote sites complete solutions 72 projects valued at $23M since 1997
Resorts, national parks, cattle stations and other farming, indigenous communities, subdivisions.
Significant cost and fuel savings sustainable independent sites.
Total project delivery mechanical and electrical services, power systems and buildings.
Total site energy assessment energy supply and energy use assessments.
Independent Power Stations - Solar, wind & Renewable-diesel hybrid power.
Energy efficiency, energy management and load management advice and delivery.
Power transmission & distribution networks LV & HV.

Residential Buildings

Cutting-edge techniques to achieve natural comfort with little energy use.
Large and small single residential & high rise multi-residential.
Wind and solar electric power
Grid-connect, grid+battery, and fully independent solar-diesel hybrid.
High efficiency air conditioning & ventilation integrated with passive comfort systems.
ESD, active & passive natural ventilation, Trombe walls & destratification.
Solar air heating, natural cooling, smart vent giving total energy balance for total comfort.
Advice on insulation levels, shading, glazing and cross ventilation.
Pool heating by solar, heat pump or gas season extension or year round.
Ground-source geothermal heating & cooling.

Commercial, Institutional, Hospitality & Educational Buildings & Sites

Effective solutions for small, medium and large buildings
Cutting-edge techniques to achieve natural comfort while limiting the need for air conditioning.
Code compliance & reporting BCA J-Codes
Green star and NABERS energy rating, commercial building disclosure (CBD program)
High efficiency air conditioning & ventilation with automatic passive comfort systems
Active & passive natural ventilation, solar air heating, natural cooling, smart vent & destratification
Intelligent controls and energy management Integrated with efficient services
Commercial refrigeration, kitchens, hospitality, and production facilities
Wind and solar electric power grid-connect, grid+battery, and fully independent solar-diesel hybrid
Chilled beams, fresh air ventilation, outside air economiser
Process cooling, computer rooms, environmental chambers, industrial process services
Ground-source geothermal heating & cooling, in-floor cooling and heating
Heritage buildings

Objectives and Design Approach

We seek optimum, effective and sustainable outcomes for our Client and society. We inform our Clients of the range of options available. These can include the energy, life cycle, capital costs, societal impacts, and the resulting comfort and effectiveness of the installations.

We prefer to work on an agreed fixed fee basis, wherever it is possible to determine the scope of work in advance. This is usually more effective for our Clients. If a time-basis fee ("hourly charge") is necessary, we can discuss methods of cost control to eliminate any surprises.

We work on projects where a full consulting service is required, and also where we can assist the Client with specific aspects of the design, tendering or inspections. This adds our skills and adds value to the capabilities that the Client has presently available. This reduces the Client's overall costs and targets our skills.

Project Photos

General Work Overview Photos
Renewable & Conventional Power Systems
Energy Audits and Mechanical Services