Energy & Sustainability

The Energy Specialist

One source of advice: The energy specialist must be competent across a wide range of options. Energy and sustainability requires a multi-discipline approach.  The energy specialist may not be expert in all areas, and will call on outside advice when needed.


Energy industries have terms with quite specific meanings, industry jargon, but different from what would be understand in plain English.  Jargon is essential for communication within the trades.

Your advisor should guide you around the jargon with plain speaking.

Renewable Power

An iconic Wind & Solar installation on YOUR building, not at some remote wind farm, will strongly identify your business with a Clean Renewable Sustainable image to your Clients and Stakeholders. Installing your own solar power system is completely possible, but is more expensive than “green power” on your power bill.

Can you go independent of the grid? Yes, it has been possible for a long time, but is that your best choice?

Batteries are improving and reducing in cost. They can be cost-effective, but are they the best decision for you?

Tariffs & Carbon Offsets

“Carbon Offsets” are not renewable power. Having real renewable power does cost more than a carbon offset. The business owner also needs to know if they are on the right tariff, the right fuel, and the right supplier should you negotiate your tariff, or stay with a scheduled tariff

Efficient Energy Use

Will you get better results for your investment if you improve your building efficiency, or do you just buy a larger power system?
There is no standard answer, so let us guide you.

A change from an old inefficient air conditioning system to a new efficient system will not save enough money to justify the change.
Conversely if the air conditioning system or lighting is near the end of its life, the energy savings along with reduced repairs and better comfort may justify the change.

We give complete advice.

Also you can download from our Links & Docs advice on doing your own energy audit.

Engineering Services

Design of Building Engineering Services

Air conditioning, ventilation & mechanical services
Electrical systems for mechanical services
Digital control systems & building management
Indirect evaporative cooling
Refrigeration, cool rooms, freezers

Evaluating the Performance (Commercial & Residential Buildings)

Calculate the energy and comfort effectiveness of your building
We analyse and quantify the weak and strong points, for both heating and cooling for the building design.

Existing Facilities

You can undertake your own energy audit, and implement a satisfyingly effective Energy Management program.
You may ask an experienced professional energy auditor to help you with specific tasks.
Checklist – Do Your Own Energy Audit

New Designs

Every building design can be significantly improved by:
Optimising the building
Optimising the technical systems
Holistically assessing the control systems
Zero carbon and zero energy buildings
“7 Star” & “10 Star” sites and buildings

Achieving Comfort by Passive Means

Minimise or avoid the use of active mechanical systems
Deliver & enjoy comfortable buildings
Simple design concepts to harness the natural comfort properties of your climate and your building structure

Isolated Power

Isolated Energy Systems

Healey Engineering Pty Ltd is the most experienced Consulting Engineer in Australia in the project delivery of medium and small Remote Diesel & Solar Power Systems (10 kW through to 500 kW) with broad and deep recent experience.

John Healey was the first active Consulting Engineer with Australia-wide recognized Accreditation as Solar Designer.

John Healey was trained in solar-electric design and construction (PV photovoltaic) in 1983 by Motorola in Arizona USA.

Completed Between 1997 & 2010

Solar & Wind & Diesel-Hybrid Power Systems:
32 individual remote power projects constructed to a value of $22,000,000 including new stations and upgrades.
This includes 9 new sites since 2007 worth $9M total.

Design & Project Management
Total Project Delivery

We have provided total project delivery including the independent power system, solar power, wind power, diesels, synchronisation and automation, remote data access, data logging, buildings, yards, fences, fuel storage and licensing, approvals, air-conditioning, lighting, electrical energy management, structural cyclone ratings, LV and HV power distribution.

We also have worked as sub-consultants to other Project Management groups (Architects, Government, Civil Consultants, and National Parks). The majority of our projects are tendered, though we can negotiate direct if the Client chooses.

Grid-Connect Solar & Wind

• Grid-connect solar installations of 100 kW
• Grid-connect solar-battery installations of 15 kW
• Grid-connect solar & wind designs up to 250 kW

Solar, Wind & Diesel Hybrid Power Systems

1997 to 2010: 32 sites to a value of $22,000,000. Most projects are “solar-diesel hybrid” with some with wind turbines and others solar—only. Projects include:
• Since 2007: Solar Hybrid and Solar-Wind Hybrid projects complete for numerous Clients with 9 separate sites completed worth $9 M
• 1997 to 2007: Solar Hybrid and Solar-Wind Hybrid Power Installations completed in Western Australia with 17 locations total value $4 M
• 1997 to 2007: Solar Hybrid & Solar-Only Power Installations to the Northern Territory locations with 6 completed projects total value $4 M

Diesel-Only Power Systems

40 individual remote power projects constructed to a total value exceeding $9,000,000, including new stations and upgrades.
Scope includes power station upgrades, sychronisation, automation, SCADA and satellite data acquisition projects.

Program Management (Between 1997 to 2006)
Remote Power Infrastructure Projects

Healey Engineering Pty Ltd has undertaken the RAESP & NAHS (WA & NT) program management. This includes:
• Maintenance of more than 100 sites
• Capital Works for more than $70 M asset value.

For RAESP we initiated the investment in diesel genset digital automation and remote data links and SCADA via a report in 1999.
We managed the subsequent automation roll-out and data links. We also pioneered the Solar-Hybrid installations for RAESP.

ATSIC RAESP WA 2004 to 2006

Capital works design and technical assistance to the RAESP Program Managers, Parsons Brinckerhoff WA, involving remote power infrastructure projects to all WA remote ATSIC communities.
Program Management and design involving maintenance and new capital investment in remote powerstations for aboriginal communities throughout WA, for DH&W.

ATSIC NAHS WA 2000 to 2006

Capital works design and technical to the current NAHS Program Managers, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Program Management role regarding capital investment in remote power infrastructure for aboriginal communities throughout WA, for ATSIC.

ATSIC RAESP WA 1997 to 2004

Capital works design and technical assistance to the RAESP Program Managers, Arup Group, involving remote power infrastructure projects to all WA remote ATSIC communities.

Program Management and design involving maintenance and new capital investment in remote powerstations for aboriginal communities throughout WA, for ATSIC and AAD.