Award Winning Engineering

Healey Engineering Pty Ltd offer their services as Consulting Engineer, designer, and advisor. We request listing in your
register of Consultants, and be considered for future projects.

Professional Services Offered

Design, documentation, tendering and inspections of new systems, upgrades and refits, maintenance advice, tendering
and inspection.

Reports on the condition of services, energy efficiency, sustainability, effectiveness, owning and life cycle cost, and
asset strategies.

Energy Audit Reports: buildings and associated sites, and assistance with implementation

Independent Advice

Healey Engineering Pty Ltd is an independant designer and advisor.

We provide services to our clients independant of any contractor, product or concept.

Conflicts of interest are rare and clearly stated. We do not take sales commissions (or similar) and operate on a "fee for service" basis from our clients.


Healey Engineering Pty Ltd ABN 58 084 394 374
Managing Director: John Healey BE MIEAust. Chartered Professional Engineer

Phone: +61 8 9399 2654
Postal Address: PO Box 500, Armadale, Western Australia, 6992
Street Address: Unit 6 @ 64 Sixth Road, Armadale, Western Australia 6112