We are consulting engineers and are independent of all contractors and manufacturers in our field. Consequently our
only payment for our services are the fees we charge our clients. We are a "fee for service" business.

Your Options

Consultation - in our office
Time Basis (hourly rate for engineering)
Fixed fee (agreed in advance)
Percentage fee (percent of construction costs)

Australian Clients

Fees are stated in Australian dollars and paid in Australian dollars.
GST will be added to quoted fees (at +10%)
Project fees are invoiced and paid on project progress, typically monthly payments.

International Clients

Fees are stated in US dollars and paid in US dollars.
International clients are not charged GST (Goods & Services Tax)

Consultation (in our office, or by phone)

Minor consultation: AU$ 150 (+GST) for the first 1/2 hour
Longer consultation: AU$ 115 (+GST) for each 1/2 hour after

Time Basis Projects

(Rates last updated: Sept 2012)

Fees will be charged for technical and associated management work at the hourly rates agreed with the Client.
Otherwise charges will be at the following hourly rates:

GST is additional to the fees and cost stated, for Australian Clients.

Engineering Work and Management Work
Senior Qualified Engineer or Principal AU$ 230 per hour
Qualified & Experienced Technical Personnel AU$ 180 per hour
Other Experienced Technical Personnel AU$ 150 per hour
Junior Technical Person AU$ 90 per hour

Design/Experienced Drafter AU$ 140 per hour
Junior/Tracer/Clerical AU$ 80 per hour

Please Note: These rates are forshort projects orintroductory phases of projects.
For longer projects a fixed fee is usually negotiated, or a discounted hourly rate

Included in Rate

General office overheads, minor consumables.
Secretarial, reception, local communication directly associated with work.
Minor office and drafting consumables.

Additional to Rate

Printing, binding of specifications, reports.
Printing of transparencies, drawings, if necessary.
Copying of Client records if necessary.
Lodging of advertisements.
STD, ISD, Internet communications.
Travel outside Perth metropolitan area.
Accommodation, meals, and necessary costs associated with travel.
Required couriers.
Required hire of test equipment.
Government and authority fees, licences.
Electronic copies of documents.
Engagement of other consultants.
Labour associated with above items.

Fixed Fee and Percentage Fee Projects

The basis of the fee will be as stated in our fee proposal, or the Client confirming order, as appropriate. GST is
additional to the fees and cost stated, for Australian Clients.

Fixed Agreed Fee

The scope of the professional service is as stated in our fees proposal. Work requested outside this scope of service,
or for a significantly expanded project, will attract additional fees.We will negotiate and agree the new fee
arrangements with the Client, prior to commencing the additional works.

Percentage Fee Projects

The fee will be based on a percentage of the contract value of works designed and documented by this office. The
scope of service and the fee scale is as stated in our fees proposal. Where not stated, the fees shall be set by the
ACEA recommended fees scale, based on the size and complexity of the works.

Typical Components of the Professional Service

For a full service commission on a new building services project the fee components shall usually be split as below,
unless otherwise stated on the fee agreement:

Design Stage Fees 70%
    Schematic / Concept design (16%)
    Design Development (14%)
    Documentation to Tender (40%)
Construction Stage Fees 30%

Included in the Fee

General office overheads, minor consumables, communications.
Tender Projects: 8 sets of tender documents, usually specifications and drawings.
Report Projects: 4 bound final reports.
Electronic copies of documents, by specific prior agreement only.
Routine communication and routine provision of documents to co-ordinating consultants.
Travel costs within the Perth metropolitan area.

Additional to the Fee

Travel, accommodation and related costs beyond the metropolitan area.
Client required couriers.
Client required STD, ISD, Internet communications.
Additional copies of reports, specifications, drawings.
Electronic copies of documents.
Any work beyond the agreed scope of the project, and beyond the agreed scope of professional service.
Government and authority fees, licences.
Client required specialised software.
Engagement of other consultants.
Labour associated with the above items.

Ancillary Costs

These include printing, binding and copying beyond the agreed quantity of documents
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Work in progress and completed work will be invoiced monthly, and at completion of milestones. Payment is due and
payable 14 days from the date of invoice. Accounts significantly in arrears will incur interest costs at our overdraft rate,
and associated administrative and recovery costs and charges, from the date of invoice, entirely at our discretion.

For projects that are required (by the original project commission) to be “payment at completion”, we reserve the right
to recover progress payments if un-expected delays occur.