Tariff & Energy Choices, Fuel Sources, Carbon Offsets & Climate Impact

One source of advice:  We don’t rely on multiple personnel to piece together the advice.  Our technical staff are competent across a wide range of options – a multi-discipline approach.

Clients seek advice from us on green energy, green power, solar and wind electric power.  Some of these terms have quite specific meanings, industry jargon, but different from what would be understand in plain English.

As a result many businesses have purchased “Carbon Offsets” when in fact they think they have renewable power.  We help you through the misleading JARGON of the industry.  Having real renewable power does cost more than a carbon offset.

The business owner also needs to know if they are on the right tariff, the right fuel, and the right supplier.

An iconic Wind & Solar installation on YOUR building (not at some remote wind farm) will strongly identify your business with a Clean Renewable Sustainable image to your Clients and Stakeholders.  Installing your own solar power system or is completely possible, but is more expensive that “green power” on your power bill.

Is your business or home eligible for RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates)?  Can you obtain an FIT (Feed-In Tariff) or an energy rebate?  How much are the RECs worth today, what will they be in the future?  How much is the FIT worth, and will you be eligible for an FIT in the future? The policy on this is changing all the time but we can advise you of the known facts, policy drivers and the likelihood of changes.

The Climate Impact of these is another aspect of advice.  If a Carbon Tax is introduced it is likely to be on a “free-market” traded as a commodity, similar to RECs.  We can discuss what historical information from practice overseas is available to indicate volatility and risk.

Energy Efficiency, Energy Audits, Energy Pre-Audits & Energy Management

The energy audit is a systematic examination of the consumption of purchased energy at a facility.  It can be applied before the building is built (pre-audit) or during operation (energy audit) and can be incorporated with water and waste audits if needed.

Is your business on the right tariff?  Are you using excessive energy?  If so in which services (light, AC, refrigeration, hot water, etc)?  Not every business needs a full energy audit; some need a quick walk-though with written advice, some need advice on a building re-fit, or a specific service (say air conditioning).

A change from an old inefficient air conditioning system to a new efficient system will not save enough money to justify the change.  Conversely if the air conditioning system or lighting is near the end of its life, the energy savings along with reduced repairs and better comfort may justify the change.  We give complete advice.

You can download from our “Links” page advice on doing your own energy audit.  You can do most of the work, and then you can call in an expert for any aspect that you cannot undertake in-house.  We would be glad to help.

For remote sites with their own power we can examine the Energy Supply-side (powerstation) & Energy Demand-side (energy use) and provide an analysis of options.  Remote sites also need to implement competent Load Management and Demand Management procedures.  Some of this can only be done by personnel onsite, and they need good technical advice and support, which we can provide.  Every remote power design and audit we have done has included comprehensive advice to our Clients and stakeholders.


Energy Audits and Mechanical Services