Night Cooling, Mixed Mode Ventilation, Smart Ventilation

These systems are all based on the concept of "free cooling." What this means is that the system uses
fresh air from outside of the building to cool the inside without utilising any active cooling elements and minimal
actual power usage. With intelligent design this concept can be used to great effect and can even be implemented to
provide "free" heating as well as cooling.

Although simple in concept a well designed system can provide large savings on energy bills by minimising air conditioning
runtimes while still providing great indoor comfort. Due to bringing in fresh air from outside they can also assist in
providing a high air quality indoors.

These systems usually either use cross-ventilation, this takes advantage of wind by simply allowing the air a path to
run through the building, or forced ventilation to move air. This can obviously be as simple as having a window open
at each end of the house to feel the breeze or it can be much more complex, involving automatic detection systems and
digital logic.

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Control Methods

Your control method determines what sort of system you'll be operating.

Night cooling system manually operated by on/off switch.
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Manual with Temperature Sensor:
Night cooling system manually operated by on/off switch with temperature sensor to automatically switch off once the
building has been cooled.
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Time Clock:
Night cooling system operated automatically based on a set time of day. May incorporate a switch for manually being switched
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Full Auto:
Most complex system, automatic controls decide when to run based on environmental conditions, time of day/week/month/year,
occupancy depending on setup. Controls Air Conditioning runtimes. Deemed Smart Ventilation by Healy Engineering.
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Physical Implementation

Your system may be physically implemented in different ways to suit the specific design. The location of system elements
must be decided based on delivering adequate airflow to all the parts of the building that you wish to ventilate.

Independent Extract Fan:
Forced ventilation fan with dedicated intake grille. Often located centrally on the highest level.
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Independent Supply Fan:
Forced pressurization fan with single or multiple supply air grilles.
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Linked Into AC Ducting:
The forced ventilation or forced pressurization fan is linked into AC ducting. System must be designed so AC ducting
& equipment can handle the air volume.
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Louvers/Windows/Intake Vents/Relief Vents:
Air being supplied or ventilated needs somewhere to go to or come from. Openings may be manually or automatically operated.
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Custom Design

With many different successful designs completed and operating Healey Engineering can help you to incorporate an energy saving
Night Cooling or Smart Ventilation system into your building.