Specific Project Photos

Renewable & Conventional Power Systems
Energy Audits and Mechanical Services

Remote Hybrid & Diesel Only Power Systems

Large Remote Power Systems

Fuel Savings up to 34,000 Litres per annum

Medium-Sized Remote Power System

Fuel Savings up to 21,000 Litres per annum

Small-Sized Hybrid Power System

Fuel Savings up to 12,500 Litres per annum

Building Mechanical Services and Power

Residential & Apartments

Air conditioning, ventilation, solar air heating, smart ventilation and low energy passive comfort systems.
Solar electricity, battery backup, grid connect.

Commercial & Community

Energy efficient air conditioning and smart ventilation.

Commercial Specialised

Data rooms, coolrooms and refrigeration............

Heritage Buildings

Energy efficient air conditioning, smart ventilation, integrated and invisible.

Energy Efficiency, Carbon & Climate Audits & Management

Every size and type of commercial, institutional, educational, hospitality, medical and residential facility.
Overseas and local resorts.
Carbon signiature and renewable power management.